Why Take a Private Yoga Lesson?

Updated: Apr 12, 2019

One of the things I would like to do more of in 2019 is to teach more private yoga lessons. I have so much to share about the practice that I cannot possibly cram into my public classes and I would love the opportunity to share more of what I have to offer with you to help you feel better in your body and happier in your life.

Have you ever thought of taking a private lesson? Here are a few of the reasons you might consider it.

A special event

A private yoga class for you and your friends, family, and/or coworkers is a great addition to many special events.

Special occasions you may consider adding yoga to:

-wedding (e.g. morning of the wedding)

-bachelorette party

-bachelor party

-birthday celebration


-graduation party

-girls’ night

-guys’ night

-reunion dinner party

-holiday party

-bridal shower

-baby shower

-engagement party

-corporate events – including wellness days

I love teaching yoga for special occasions! It is really special. It’s a wonderful opportunity for you to bond with your friends and family while doing something healthy that will make you feel great. Wellness is one of the best gifts we can share with others and organizing a yoga class for your next event is a perfect opportunity to do just that. Classes can be tailored to your specific needs so that the practice can meet the whole group where they are at. It’s also a great bonding experience for everyone.

An injury

Do you have an injury that you’re working with? Yoga is often a great way to keep moving even when you have limitations (don’t we all). And you don’t necessarily have to have an acute injury, you may just be working with some imbalances in your body that you want to focus attention on correcting or improving.

A private yoga lesson or series of lessons is a wonderful way to hone in on how to support and modify for your injury so that you can still practice in a safe way that will allow you to hopefully heal faster and more fully.

If you love taking public classes, a private lesson can help you learn how to mediate your injury so you can go back to the studio with the information you need to practice more safely with a game plan of how to manage whatever it is you’re working with.

Or private lessons are a great way to take some time away from the studio to focus in on health and healing while still getting your practice in.

I would love to design practices specifically for you to help you feel the best that you can in your body.

Personal attention

Private lessons, of course, mean more personal attention than you get in a public class. If there is a pose or poses that you want help with, a private lesson is a great way to get tips and tricks that will work for you and the time and attention you need to really work on what you want.

Every body is different. Private lessons are an opportunity to cater the practice to your body and your needs. The length, pacing, style, and difficulty can all be adjusted to what you want. I have experience with a larger variety of styles of yoga and am always learning more, so I know I can put together a practice that you’ll love.

A regular activity with your friends

Private group lessons are also a great way to share the practice with your friends and family. Like a public class, it often works well to pick a regular date and time each week for you and your crew to meet for a yoga class together.

Group private lessons are a nice way to bring the cost down but still get more personal attention than in a public class.

To support your favorite teacher(s)

Private lessons are an important part of a yoga teacher’s income. We typically make more money from a private lesson than we do from teaching public classes. So, booking a private lesson with your favorite teacher is a great way to help support them. Being a yoga teacher is not a lucrative career for most people and private lessons are a critical part of making that career more sustainable.

Where do private lessons take place?

Private lessons can take place in a variety of locations:

-yoga studio

-your home

-teacher’s home

-other available space

There is often a rental fee for teachers to use studio space when classes are not in session, but it is a neutral space where you have all the props you’ll need and a nice clean and quiet environment without interruptions. Most teachers also have props they can bring to you for your lesson or use at their home.

Written by Teagan Schweitzer

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