WHY Practice?

WHY meditate or practice the physical yoga? Today for me was a completely ordinary day by all accounts. I woke up and did meditative practices, quick run outside and then onto the bulk of the day filled with laundry, dishes, little mouths to feed (OFTEN-because they are home with Mama all day😜), copious work e-mails (incredulous how the inbox grows exponentially as a new biz owner), supporting my kiddo crew with projects and kisses, an accounting meeting and then I seized a window to practice on my mat. As I began to warm up, I laughed aloud because I was experiencing what the ancient yogic texts detail over & over again--that I felt incredibly happy, blissful even, for no apparent reason. Often, that feeling is the fruit post-practice but as I stood on the seam of worldly duties and of my practice, I felt such inexplicable & undeniable joy--not from any particular thought, not from any kind act nor complimentary gesture--just a lightness of being. This stuck me as uncanny for in some ways, I have more "weight" resting on my shoulders than ever before. My eyes welled up with gratitude for the yogic practices, as I know this is their fruit.😇It is said in the yoga tradition, don't wait to see a deer in the woods, or for an eagle in the sky to feel joy. Practice and these moments will find YOU unsolicited! Don't worry about if you are tight or flexible; don't fret about if you are tired or energized; don't stress about if your mind is calm or agitated... just by beginning, recommitting, or reinventing consistent practices, the joy will bubble up when you least expected it from the deepest wellspring of your heart from within....❤️💛💚💙💜