The Seven Chakras

“Chakra” is a Sanskrit word meaning wheel, and is associated with energy centers in the body. Anodea Judith, a chakra expert, defines chakras as “centers of organization for the reception, assimilation, and transmission of life force energy.” Being in touch with these centers can help us target specific areas that need improvement or attention. There are seven chakras within the body, each associated with a different element, color, and centers on its own emotional and experiential process. The first chakra, Muladhara, for example, is associated with feelings of groundedness and sense of belonging. Being aware of the energy associations of each chakra is important because when we are struggling with certain emotions, this may be a sign that one or more of our chakras need our support.

In taking a look at each element and checking in with your body you may notice certain chakras need attention. Rebalancing a chakra means we need more of its element and energy. If you notice your Muladhara is suffering, this means you need more earth and to find groundedness. Earthy essential oils like Patchouli and Cypress will offer grounding, as will the suggested yoga pose; tree pose, because this movement centers and grounds the body. Below you’ll find information on each chakra- its associated element, color, and energies, as well as suggested essential oils and yoga poses that may be utilized to find balance.

Muladhara ~ Root Chakra

Element: Earth

Color: Red

Essential Oil: Patchouli, Cypress

Yoga Pose: Tree Pose

Energy Associations: Groundedness, Confidence, Sense of Belonging

Svadhisthana ~ Sacral Chakra

Element: Water

Color: Orange

Essential Oil: Neroli, Ylang-ylang

Yoga Pose: Goddess Pose

Energy Associations: Creativity, Positivity, Fluidity

Manipura ~ Naval Chakra

Element: Fire

Color: Yellow

Essential Oil: Pine, Ginger

Yoga Pose: Boat Pose

Energy Associations: Power, Productivity, Courage

Anahata ~ Heart Chakra

Element: Air

Color: Green

Essential Oil: Rose, Jasmine

Yoga Pose: Camel Pose

Energy Associations: Compassion, Acceptance, Love

Vishuddha ~ Throat Chakra

Element: Ether

Color: Blue

Essential Oil: Lavender, Chamomile

Yoga Pose: Supported Shoulderstand

Energy Associations: Communication, Personal Truths, Openness

Anja ~ Third-Eye Chakra

Element: Light

Color: Indigo

Essential Oil: Sandalwood, Rosemary

Yoga Pose: Easy Pose

Energy Associations: Trust, Perspective, Wisdom

Sahasrara ~ Crown Chakra

Element: Cosmic Energy

Color: Violet or White

Essential Oil: Lime, Frankincense

Yoga Pose: Corpse Pose

Energy Associations: Spirituality, Freedom, Connectivity

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