The Benefits of Mindfulness

Mindfulness is the state of being fully aware of your present moment. This may sound simple- just be in the moment! But when we take a moment to notice our tendencies, we realize our minds stray - into the past, future, and hypotheticals - so often, that we’re really in a constant state of multitasking between what’s in front of us and the many other things on our minds. This multitasking seems normal to us only until we start to become more aware of the alternative- mindfulness gives us a peace and tranquility we never knew possible. The peaceful feeling it instills in us manifests in mysterious, magical ways in the form of numerous health benefits…

  • Reduced stress

  • Decreased symptoms of anxiety and depression

  • Increased positive emotion

  • Strengthened the immune and nervous systems

  • Decreased pain and inflammation

  • Higher focus and concentration

  • A stronger feeling of empathy & connection to others

  • Better cardiovascular health

This isn’t just anecdotal, there are many studies using neurological testing that prove these health outcomes - mindfulness actually changes the chemistry and makeup of your brain! It’s no wonder mindfulness has been called “mental hygiene,” it truly helps “clean” the brain, and in doing so, make space for positivity and peacefulness.

So, how do we achieve mindfulness? Just as with other skills, there are tools that help us practice. Mindfulness is the muscle and meditation is the exercise we use to strengthen that muscle. At Sanctuary Yoga & Mindfulness, we offer 30 minute meditation classes 7 days a week- our meditation schedule is listed below. Make space for this practice to create space in your mind; your body and brain will thank you for it.





















Sanctuary Yoga & Mindfulness is a healing haven in the heart of Center City Philadelphia. Our premier yoga studio offers weekly yoga & mindfulness meditation classes, as well as workshops and teacher trainings of the highest caliber. “Sanctuary Signature” yoga classes all place an emphasis on: excellence in alignment; thoughtful sequencing; inspiring & uplifting verbiage to support your body, mind and heart, allowing you to feel enhanced on every level. Each yoga class and yoga practice offered also contains 3-5 minutes of mindfulness meditation at its conclusion to further punctuate your profound experience during your time with us.

Our expert and exceptional teachers are highly trained, warm, and knowledgeable in areas of therapeutics, bio-mechanics, philosophy, meditation and so much more! All our classes are highly curated with an excellence in sequencing and intelligent alignment for the body; artful language for the mind; and inspiration for the heart. Come experience our amazing teaching tribe for yourself!

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