The adhesive of LOVE

Today, the entire world stands on the seam of time. It is a rare collective moment that is not determined by religion or creed but by nature itself from time immemorial. A "resolution" in the yogic tradition, literally means to unify, to join and to integrate all parts of oneself together with the adhesive of L💜VE. To bring forward with clarity ones body, heart & mind under the auspices of a journeying in a single direction. Whether you are clear what that direction is; whether your body feels good or tired, your mind feels sharp or confused, your heart feels whole or fractured; know that this is a day where you can draft on the energy of nature, of humanity, and simply start by aligning with love. Whatever you are doing, thinking or feeling, you can ask yourself, "is this aligned with LOVE?"-towards myself, towards others, or towards this world. If our resolutions are planted in the fecund soil of L💜VE then they will most certainly flower the fruits of longevity, sustainability & bless ourselves along with our global community. HAPPY NEW YEAR💜💜💜💜