Self Care

It is no secret that in our busy daily schedules, it is often our own needs that fall by the wayside. In Western culture, we have the bad habits of measuring our days by how many tasks we are able to accomplish. Simple things like getting enough sleep, maintaining a healthy diet, and exercise commonly take the back seat to our ever growing itineraries.

Humans are the only mammal on Earth who willingly delay sleep when the body the craves it. Despite the fact that we spend roughly a third of our lives sleeping, it is often our last priority. Simple routines like avoiding the use of electronics before bed and keeping a regular bed time can make a huge difference in allowing ourselves to get more rest more regularly.

Healthy eating habits are hard. There is no way around it. That being said, just by making small changes in our regular eating patterns, over time we can make better decisions regarding our overall health. Little things, like keeping fresh produce in the house, maintaining a regular eating schedule, carrying healthy snacks and cutting out fast food can make a huge difference in both how we look and how we feel on a regular basis.

Regular exercise can be such an important part of a self care regimen. That said, it is sometimes not always an option to get on our yoga mats or get into the gym. In cases like this, a little creativity can go a long way. Sometimes a brisk walk on our lunch breaks can be just what we need to raise our heart rates and get some much needed sunlight. Those of us with little ones at home can grab the stroller and go for a light jog. Those with work hours and unconventional schedules might find sanctuary in the incredible resources available on youtube. With proper motivation, it is always possible to fit in a little time to sweat in even the most demanding schedules. Also, you could jump into one of our noon classes daily on weekdays and that are only an hour and $12! And we offer 14 Mindfulness Meditation classes weekly which are only 30 minutes!

As mentioned previously, taking care of yourself can be a huge challenge. We all have off weeks, and often a huge help in getting back on track is giving yourself the space to reset completely. That is exactly where this Saturday’s workshop comes in. In our Spring Staycation, you will have the opportunity to melt away stress and tension as Clio guides you through light movement, breathwork, and a series of long-held and supported restorative poses. Essential oils, eye pillows, and candle-light will enhance your experience as you re-calibrate yourself for spring. This workshop is just what you need to renew your energy and refresh your senses. No previous yoga experience necessary.

Please arrive 10-15 minutes prior to workshop to allow yourself to get settled in with ease.

Written by Matt Lynch



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