"Prayer to Welcome Spring"

Updated: Apr 12, 2019

a poem by Lisa Miracchi

I embrace the deepest parts of me, 

the parts that have been covered by the earth. 

I embrace the parts of me 

that have forgotten what it is like

to see the sun,

and the parts 

that are nourished by the damp, sweet 

darkness of the soil.

I am ready to grow

a deeper connection to myself

which means to all of my tendencies,

to my fears and desires,

to my pleasures and pains. 

I reject no part of me,

trusting that suffering comes only from 

disconnection --- and that the traits and tendencies that no longer serve me

will be transformed through understanding

and love. 

I know that the deeper these roots go,

the more they are cared for,

honored, nourished, embraced

for exactly what they are

the more beautiful

the sweet early tendrils and shoots

will shine

the more healing 

the fruits and seeds 

will provide

the more fragrant flowers with their brilliant blooms

will remind us of how exquisite

life already is, 

the more powerful 

the trunks and branches

will grow,

the more shade

their leaves will offer to those who need it.

I welcome the Spring, 

with all the tenderness that

my little heart can summon, 

and I am grateful for her reminders

that the parts of ourselves

that are more easily celebrated

and all the parts 

that deserve to be celebrated, 

come first from the earth. 


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