Life is a challenge, meet it.

"LIFE IS A CHALLENGE, MEET IT." - Sai Baba & Mother Theresa I remember seeing this pose on a magazine cover years ago and it literally stopped my brain in its tracks as to which limb was where ?!?! Things, people and experiences that: make your brain stop in utter amazement; make your heart skip a couple of beats or that teleport you instantly into a deeper breath because that is the only thing that you can think to do....SEEK them out as they will catapult you to the next life level. This picture was captured on my tighter side by my new paparazzi member, my 8 year old daughter, who despite a great physical challenge, never gives up. When she asked to take this, I almost said , "I haven't practiced this pose in awhile and it is my tighter side..." but then paused at her enthusiasm and said, "go for it" as I am trying to role model, that with each pose or each offering we make to this doesn't have to be "perfect" but enough is often good enough. ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤