Journaling for Manifestation

As the New Year approaches, it is common practice to think back on the year past; bad habits that we want to break, and different strategies that we would like to employ to improve the quality of our lives. Gone are the days of ambitious lists of resolutions that seem to go missing by January 2. These days, in order to most effectively create positive change in our lives, a more autonomous approach is necessary. Below is a step by step guide as to how to begin a manifestation journal, so as to approach the coming year with as clear a vision as possible.

Picking a Journal

The proper journal or diary varies by the individual. For some, a simple spiral notebook or a composition book will suffice. Others may prefer something a little more unique, a leatherbound book or maybe something homemade. The most important thing is to choose a journal that you feel a connection with. As you hold the book, give it power. Imagine that the notebook holds a magic, that everything you write in it will come true in your life.

Write Out Your Goals in Present Tense

Once a diary is selected, the creative process begins. Begin to record your goals for the coming year, but write them in the present tense as if they have just happened.


I just signed the lease on my new home, I am so excited to finally be a homeowner.

I have made so many new friends this year, I am so fortunate to have such a healthy network of supportive friends.

I ran my first marathon this year. It feels so good to be meeting all of my goals.

Watch Your Dreams Unfold in the Pages

Using several goals as jumping off points, begin recording the events of your life as if it was a year in the future, and you have accomplished everything that you want to in the coming year. By establishing several goals as “fixed” accomplishments, you can begin to navigate your future moving forward.


For a young law student: “I have achieved top marks and landed a highly sought after internship for the coming year. Being in the top of my class I will have my choice of good jobs once I graduate and pass the bar.”

For an aspiring writer: “It feels great to finally be writing full time. At long last I am able to quit my hourly wage job and I am planning a book tour in support of my newest novel for the winter of 2021.”

For an aspiring athlete: “All of my training and practice is finally paying off. Scouts are attending all of my games, and it seems as though I will have options in my career moving forward.”

Now is the time to begin practicing this skill and manifesting all of your dreams. 2020 is full of possibilities, and we all have the power to write our best lives into existence here and now.

...And from all of us here at SY&M, a Happy and Healthy New Year.