TODAY is a special you know why? ✨💫🌟It marks the mid point between winter & spring: so as of RIGHT now, we are moving towards the sun; the ebullient energies of spring are beginning to show themselves within and without if we take the time to feel them. It is a Celtic holiday called Imbolc which celebrates this turning towards the light. It is all about potentiality and what the deepest seeds of the heart are germinating and desiring to sprout. 🌱🌾🌱An ancient Irish meditative practice that spans many other traditions is to light a candle and stare at it for a full five minutes or perhaps you can do this at the sunset like myself. This open-eyed mediation creates deep listening & can help often dissipate the inner static that is sometimes the main channel that we are most tuned into. Just a few minutes of focus can access the bandwidth of a deeper station and whatever creative juices are wishing to be birthed from within can be heard with clarity. Creativity, sprouting, & invoking the light...this is the new beckoning of nature right now.💛 I know that when I am dialed into what nature is doing, I am so much more grounded & clear headed. This shot is from my own evening sunset yoga practice.... L💚VE