WATER in the domain of yoga is associated with the realm of our emotions and psyche both conscious & unconscious. Contrary to some popular belief, yoga is not about bypassing or squelching our emotions but learning (by practicing again & again) to be fully present with WHATEVER is going on for you in the most present & authentic way possible. It's about taking the time to show up for yourself fully and learning to be with ALL the feelings as you experience their manifestation in the form of a tight hip or an achey back. When we infuse the physical practice with an awareness of where our emotional bodies authentically are, then these emotions become a potent aspect of the practice that helps us float on them, through them and ultimately reach the desired destination on the other side of them. If we are feeling very positively already, then the practice acts as a catalyst to grow, nurture & amplify them. SO "floating" is a radical acceptance of where we are right now in our hearts at any given moment. Oh and if you are feeling a surge of emotions of any kind: overwhelming joy, sorrow or anything in between--there's a full moon eclipse in the watery Pieces tomorrow which means: not to worry, you are right on track! Just keep finding the deepest breaths possible so you can FLOAT!