Find Your Spring! (Ayurveda Lifestyle Tips)

In Ayurveda or Life Science/knowledge, the sister science of yoga, the year is distinguished into Vata, Pitta and Kapha seasons, instead of Winter, Spring, Summer, and Fall.

Vata season goes from late fall into early winter and has qualities of ether and air which are light and mobile; Kapha season, from the coldest part of winter into spring has qualities of earth and water which are heavy and static; and Pitta season with longest daylight and hottest days of the year—from late spring into early fall has qualities of fire and water which are sharp and liquid.

Spring is a season characterized by warmth and moisture. Rains are softening the earth that has hardened during Winter. Warm temperatures are melting the snow and thaw what has hardened in nature. This warmth also liquefies what has hardened in us, which we may notice as runny nose and congestion. Due to heaviness of increased moisture, Spring can feel slow, leaving us feeling lethargic, attached and even stuck.

Ritucharya is a seasonal regimen to help us stay in balance mind and body with what is happening outside in the environment. Ritucharya is made of two words – Ritu means seasons; Charya means regimen, the do’s and don’ts of qualitative practices to support change that is happening in nature. As the seasons change, changes occur inside our body in response to the outside seasonal change. A seasonal routine/regimen suitable for each season through diet and lifestyle changes is recommended to maintain good health during these times of change.

Vasanta “the Spring Season” Ritucharya In the midst of slower energy, we may notice feelings of invigoration, urge to move, such as craving yoga or exercise, to spend time outside and breathe in fresh air.

We are receiving energy from nature that is awakening all around us.

It’s an exciting time to till the soil of the garden outdoors and in your spirit. Spring is a time to shine, create, test new skills and take on changes in your lifestyle.


This post is written by Sanctuary Yoga & Mindfulness’ senior yoga teacher and ayurveda specialist, Philly’s own Chae Yang. She teaches both yoga and mindfulness meditation classes offered here at Sanctuary, Chae also co-facilitates Sanctuary’s 500-hr teacher training. She has participated as teacher and assistant in Yoga Alliance approved teacher trainings since 2009 and is registered with Yoga Alliance as ERYT500, RYT500, RPYT, YACEP. Her informative teaching offers challenge, fun and a toolbox to live life fully! Chae’s physical practices include playing hide and seek with her cat Hasya Devi, weekend hikes with her family, and mat play that fuse her studies with Michelle Synnestvedt, Christina Sell, Desiree Rumbaugh and Carrie Owerko.


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