Our highest caliber & unique yoga (asana/physical) classes all have an emphasis on: excellence in alignment architecture; thoughtful sequencing; inspiring & uplifting language. Guided on every level of body, mind and heart, you will leave feeling enhanced from the inside out as well as the outside in. Each yoga class that we offer also contains a 3-5 minute mindfulness meditation at its conclusion to punctuate your uplifting experience. We are the only yoga studio in Philadelphia, to also offer mindfulness meditation classes daily which pull from various ancient and modern techniques from many different traditions so students can explore and learn what works for them.


ESSENTIALS  A basic and well balanced class appropriate for beginners and for those who want to refine the essentials of their practice. Refining foundation, form and key actions in  fundamental poses. It will both inform & inspire you.


EVERYONE  A class appropriate for students with a wide variety of abilities from some yoga experience up through advanced. The teacher will meet you where you are and offer modifications or challenges when appropriate.


EDGE  Teacher and students playfully practice together in our most exploratory class, working towards intermediate and advanced postures each week. Options to work in various stages, however not intended for beginners or for students with injuries.


GENTLE  Using the support of props, chairs or the wall, this class builds both flexibility and strength in a mindful way. Great for seniors, serious athletes, pregnant women or individuals recovering from injury.  Also wonderful for folks who want a gentler and more mellow physical experience. 

MINDFULNESS MEDITATION  A half an hour teacher led meditation where various yogic and mindfulness techniques will be utilized. No experience necessary. Appropriate for both the beginner and advanced mediator alike.  Chairs and cushions provided for comfort and ease.